Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back from the dead

Oh my, its been months since i updated this the last time. I just realized that people actually read my posts! That's kind of a motive to add new stuff, i guess.

I've been doing some artwork! Actually, i've come out with some ideas recently, and i wanted to share them with you. One of them is this concept that a friend of mine called a "Keltic Medusa". When i started drawing it i didn't have that in mind, but giving art it's meaning is as my job as it is yours right?

I have been working with colour, watercolours actually, but i still don't feel that good about them, since i started working with paint a few weeks ago. Maybe I'd upload something later, but i'll keep this post black and white.

I've come with some quickie sketches as well. For those who know me, i have some sort of fascination with Pan's Labyrinth, i came with some ideas about the Mandragore. It's much of fan art though. I also wrote the steps that Pan shares with Ofelia so that the spell could work. Hehe.

I guess thats all for now,


P.D. im sorry about the quality of the mandragora drawing, i had to ripped it off Facebook, since i don't have any scanned copy in my hard drive.

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